Nail Extensions

Gel Nail Extensions & Overlays

A good way of increasing ten length and strength of your natural nails is through overlays and nail extensions. If you happen to have weak nail beds or lack the patience to naturally grow them, this can be an ideal alternative.


Their advantage is that they are designed to look real or even fake, and the process is faster and effortless. The results are polished and glamorous nails that will last for weeks.


Fun fact: Long nails have been a sign of wealth in Asian cultures from the early Ming dynasty. Another fun fact is that a male dentist back in the ‘50s patented false nails in order to repair a broken nail that was interfering with his work. Extensions can make your nails look longer, stronger and even glamorous.


How it Works

There are two types of false nails, and they include overlays and extensions. Whichever you choose will depend on whether you need additional strength or length and a durable color. Gel nail extensions, also referred to as tips, are designed with lightweight plastic, and they are cut according to your nail’s shape.


They are then glued to your nails and the overlay is done with acrylic or gel to secure and finish. Overlays normally skip the extension step with gel or acrylic, which is applied onto the nails directly and shaped by “forms” or hand. They are then buffed to create a glossy effect. They are suitable for anyone who lacks nails with a “wow” factor.


Acrylics are known to be the oldest artificial nail form, and they use polymer powder referred to as polymethyl methacrylate that is mixed with a liquid monomer known as ethyl methacrylate. The formula tends to harden within 20 to 30 seconds after being exposed to UV light.


Although gels are not long-lasting and are more costly compared to acrylic, they are quite strong, flexible and odorless. The good thing about gels is that they don’t cause a lot of damage to your nails compared to extensions.


What You Should Know

The period false nails last depend on the beauty salon where you got them done. Nails are more prone to damages during a DIY weekend, compared to sitting on an office desk. Both overlays and extensions are fitted properly and removed on a salon to prevent the nail bed damages.


Acrylics require you to return to the salon within 3 to 4 weeks for infills or removal, but gels last only for 2 to 3 weeks. Acrylic overlays and extensions are normally removed through nail soaking in acetone for about 20 to 30 minutes.


Each layer is then filed off, although it can lead to damages of the nail bed. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a beauty salon or nail bar with experienced professionals.


Who Is it For?

Anyone can have extensions, but there are times when you should avoid them. A lot of experts recommend taking a break from them during pregnancy or if you are feeling unwell. It is also vital to consider being careful when styling or drying your hair since artificial nails can get damaged by materials which are flammable and even heat.


What’s more, you need to check the expert fitting the overlays or extensions for preventing any problems.