Manicure, Treatment Guide

Thinking of getting a manicure? Then read our comprehensive guide!


Whether you like short and sweet nails, square, oval, or almond, there’s a good reason why more and more women are opting for manicures today, making them one of the most favoured beauty treatments. From a full set of acrylics to French or gels, a professional manicure will ensure that your nails and hands are buffed to perfection. With literally hundreds of different shades to choose from, you can find the perfect finish to complement any outfit.


Whether you choose paraffin, or acrylics, there’s definitely a reason why manicures are rated as one of the most popular beauty treatments for today’s women. You may like short and round nails, or oval, square, or almond. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are. When you have a fresh manicure, your mood will be lifted instantly. And of course there’s a manicure out there and a finishing shade to suit absolutely any outfit.


What to Expect


If you are new to manicures, it’s important to understand what to expect. First and foremost, your hands will be soaked. This is necessary to soften up your skin and cuticles. After soaking, your nails will be buffed down to ensure they are evened out, filing after buffing making sure that all your nails are the same shape and size. When opting for a manicure, there are some add-on’s that you might like to include such as an arm and hand massage or a paraffin treatment. A normal manicure however will include the basics; soaking, trimming, buffing, and colouring of your nails. Alternatively, for a natural look, you may choose cuticle oil instead of adding a lick of colour.


When selecting from a treatment menu, there are endless choices and picking the right manicure for you is a lot down to your personal preferences. You may like to choose a natural look, or alternatively, long-lasting and glossy nails. Maybe even fake, high fashion nails to make a really bold statement. If you want long, luscious, talon-like nails, then acrylics are the best option. Acrylics are nail extensions that are false and that are glued onto the tips of your own nails. Once glued onto your nails, acrylics are sealed with a top coat that is fast drying.


Acrylics generally last around a month; after this time you will need to get them refilled. If on the other hand you are after a more natural look, but are forever breaking or chipping your nails, then gel nails or shellacs are a good choice. When you choose gel nails, gel polish is applied onto your own natural nails and sealed by UV light. Gel nails dry instantly, and they should last without any chipping at all for up to two weeks.


Good to Know


Nail art is also rising in popularity again. Nail art involves the same processes as a traditional manicure, but also includes your nails being embellished with accessories or patterns. Today there really is no limit as to what you can adorn your nails with. Coloured foil, piercings, and gemstones are just a few examples of things you can adorn your nails with today! The nail art movement is currently taking the world by storm, and all of the above are available as standard practice across most nail salons. Nail air is somewhat a viral trend, thanks to many celebrities jumping on the bandwagon. But, whatever your preferences are for your nails, one thing’s for sure. You’ll never run out of ideas or inspiration for painting your nails. There are new trends and designs popping up every single day. So, it’s never too late to try something new.