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In between manicures, I’ll use this wonderful product! They have a strengthening one that is great to help rebuild your nailbed. It is on the expensive side but worth it. I have gone to some salons where they do use this! I just wish they all would invest in such a great product for our nails.

desi.r · Reviewed on

2 months ago
For months I have been battling thin peeling nails and it seemed nothing helped until I tried this! It makes my nails feel stronger even when I remove the polish! I’m kind of wary about it containing formaldehyde but it has truly worked wonders! I completely recommend this product!!

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I used to use and love this a lot back when I worked at a nail salon environment. Icd since tried picking it back up and I’m still not mad at the formula but didn’t feel like it made any difference to my nail health anymore. I don’t know if the formula changed or maybe my nails changed so it doesn’t seem as effective anymore. Regardless, it’s still a nice clear coat for the nails.

jennifer.g · Reviewed on

This Nail Strengthener really works
3 years ago
I am pleasingly amazed at how well this nail strengthener works. I had been wearing fake nails for years and sticking them on with superglue, and my nails had become paper-thin and in rough shape. I decided I needed to build my own nails up and grow them out, and swear off glue and nails. I started using this strengthener a couple of weeks ago and already my nails are getting hard and are not ripping and splitting at all. I am totally amazed that this product could help my nails get healthy this quickly. I recommend Nail Tek strengthener highly. Will keep using it habitually as the price is reasonable and the results are nothing short of amazing.
marique3652 · Reviewed on

true therapy for nails – THIS will work!
4 years ago
I had never had weak nails until after I had used a “natural” liquid soap that gradually dried out my skin, especially my hands, and my nails had gotten worse and worse. I heard stupid reasons like, well, as we get older….” until I realized that my mother had tough, strong nails. Tossed the soap and found this….
I tried all different brands of “therapy” nail products and they all were worthless and a waste of money. My nails only got worse and were down to nothing, until the woman who does my mother’s nails suggested this brand – the foundation, and then this “intensive therapy.” A few weeks later, my nails are no longer split and breaking as soon as the polish is dry.
Don’t waste your money. Get the two steps of Nail Tek, through WalMart, (the best price), and your nails will be strong again.Less
IMApickyshopper · Reviewed on

Best nail strengthener ever!
11 months ago
I wore acrylic nails for 17 years and all of a sudden 5 years ago became allergic. Went to the doctor frantic and the only thing left to do was take them off. My nails were obviously a mess. My nail tech recommended this product and I went through probably 10 bottles in 6 months, but my nails returned to normal. I try and get manicures every week, but when I don’t, I still use this product and love it like I always did.
LANA · Reviewed on

Never dried
7 months ago
Was very happy with the price, as I have used this product for years and is quite pricey in the store. I was very disappointed however when I used it because it never dried, was very tacky on my nails even the next day. I ended up taking it off my nails and won’t be using it, so it was no bargain. I don’t know if it was old or just a bad batch I never had a problem before.

I would give this product 6 stars if I could
a year ago
I had acrylic nails for years. When the acrylics were removed, my nails were so thin and peeling that even folding laundry would make them break. I have tried other products — Sally Hansen, Essie Treat Love Color –I even wore moisturizing gloves to bed — nothing worked. I will use Nail Tek Type 2 forever.
Bev · Reviewed on

Highly recommended for weak peeling nails
11 months ago
Nail Tek 2 is an intensive therapy for natural nails. I had damage that caused thin peeling nails. Thanks to Nail Tek 2, my natural nails are healthy again!
BLilly · Reviewed on

7 months ago
I don’t know if it’s my actual nails that are so fragile, but unfortunately, this product didn’t do anything. The only thing I like about it. It gives a great shine to the nail and protects them from stains.
maria.m · Reviewed on