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Individual Eyelashes

Individual Eyelashes extension treatment involves applying individual synthetic lashes onto each natural eyelash to add extra length and volume. They're perfect for holidays, a big event or just perfect lashes every day.

Duration: 00:30

Price: 40 €

Full Body Spray Tan

Glam brings you the perfect way to achieve a natural healthy bronzed look! A gorgeous colour worthy of 2 weeks in the Caribbean.

This all natural & organic formula delivers a rich even bronzed glow that lasts up to seven days. Fades authentically like a natural tan Leaves skin younger healthier and glowing. No bad smell. Colour can be washed off after 8 hours. All-natural ingredients. Alcohol, paraben & mineral oil-free. Suitable for all skin types.

What to do before you tan: Exfoliate your skin is the number one rule, to give your tanner the best base to apply the product to:

Don’t apply body lotion or oil to the skin before you go in for your spray tan. Any lotion or oils on your skin will act as a barrier to the tan so it won’t work as well. Take off your make-up. Again make-up will act like a barrier to the tan so it won’t work as well You can have spray tan applied over make-up, but just keep in mind it will not tan as dark at the rest of your body. Be sure you wear dark, lose fitting clothes & flip-flops.

Duration: 00:30

Price: 35 €

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