Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar


For Soft, Smooth Feet – Mr. Pumice is your go-to pedicure solution to remove unwanted calluses and tough skin for soft, healthy, smooth feet and heels, as well as hands and elbows. Trusted By Professionals – Mr. Pumice is the most asked-for foot care product by salon professionals, an established industry standard for its reliability…

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Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar Extra Coarse / Medium, Purple / Lavender

  • For beautiful, healthy feet
  • Great for use on hands and elbows too
  • Antibacterial solution
  • Washable and reusable

Mr. Pumice’s self-chipping material naturally erodes in tiny particles during use, preventing any unsanitary buildup—simply rinse the pumice under hot water to clean it.

Better than stone: Unlike stone, glass, and other materials, our custom frothed polyurethane synthetic pumice boasts a uniform structure for consistent effectiveness in removing dirt and tough calluses.