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Belava Debuts New Bowl With Disposable Liner

Posted in Beauty and Nails Articles.

Belava has added a new product to its line: small, manicure-size bowls with disposable liners.

The bowls come in black, red, and ivory and are on a pedestal base for added height and stability. With an affordable, disposable liner system, a sanitary bowl can be guaranteed for each client within seconds and clean-up is just as easy. The bowls and liners were created for hand-soaking in nail salons and color mixing in hair salons, among a multitude of uses. “We develop everything with the salon owner and customer in mind,” says Natalie Zolotnik, who co-owns Belava with her husband Vladimir. “These bowls limit exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals, they are easy to use, and convey to salon and spa clients that their health is being cared for.”

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